For one thing, i just installed my magic jack without a username or password. However, magic jack is mow asking for my username and password, accepting my username but not my password as "Pissed Cosumer" just did to me?

Surprised, I check my email, finding one from you saying I was correct?

Please explain why this type of issue occurs often to may Internet users. In my case MAGIC JACK gives instructions, 1-2-3, done! They never asked for a username nor password to sign in.

Supposedly, my password is incorrect, sending me it by email within 10-minutes. If no email, verify the product is mine, not informing me how to verify it.

Victor H. Franco(v.franco96@yahoo.com)

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #189750

If it is case censored that if you use a capital letter you have to use a capital if you used lower case you have to use lowercase. Is that the problem.

So say your password is BiLLy GoAt. If you write it Billy goat it won't work, however if you write it BiLLy GoAt it will work.

This makes it harder for people to guess your password. Or perhaps you were banned and they changed your password.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #189748

No it is a case of you forgetting your password. Why not either tell your parents your password so they can remind you what it is when you forget.

You seem to be forgetting your password for both Magic Jack and pissed consumer.

Obviously it is you. Or perhaps write it on your favorite toy, in one of your school notebooks, or write it down somewhere so you remember.

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