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A week ago I purchased a MJ from Wallmart.

I followed all the installation instructions.

When the installation procedure reaches the point where I am required to verify my telephone number, email address and password, I keep getting a dialogue box that says 'Error 9, no network connection'. This is happening even while I can send and receive emails. I am even getting dial tone on the telephone.

I do not know how to contact a MajicJack after sale support personel by either email or by telephone.

Can anyone please help me.


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My magic jack works great but for a couple of numbers in Montana. Promised to have it fixed by now.

Now it will not accept my valid email address. I know that area works as I called the police dept to check on it.

Magic jack has terrible service in the Phillipines and else where. Fix this problem.I say.


your usb ports does not put out enough wattage to keep it old one works new one same problem you got


Thanks for all your complaints and comments. I am planning to buy a MJ as a gift to my family abroad so that when they call my parents or me they will not spend much.

However, with all the complaints I read, I realized it's not worth my hard earned $ to buy this piece of junk.

It pays to read Consumer Pissed before buying on anything. Thanks to all the people behind CP.


I talked to customer care for over three and a half hours to no avail. My jack simply quit working and you can't talk to anyone who is authorized to replace it. Thier customer care sucks.


I Have Had Newmous problems with the jack i would go to and click where it says custumor care and them get help with a LIVE AGENT

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