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I was just taken off-line by one of the top 10% agents, Joel (I think). We were having a chat concerning a balance due of 96 cents for taxes. He is saying I did not have enough funds in my banking account meanwhile I have thousands in my account and my account is a business account which does pays even if my account has no funds.

I special ordered my MJ because I needed it before a specific date. I noticed that I did not receive a confirmation and called MJ was told to reorder. As a result I received two MJs and returned one. I was refunded all but $4.14 for shipping.

My conversation with Joel was centered on that I should be refunded the $4.14 because it was not my mistake that MJ sent me two MJs nor that the agent did not tell me to wait for the system to catch up to check on my order, nor for the agent to tell me to reorder.

It is also not my fault that MJ did not originally charge me taxes on the device.

I should be refunded $3.18 and have my services restored or at the very least call it a day and MJ restore my services.

Imagine a multimillion dollar company harassing me for 96 cents and on top of that it being their fault!

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