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magic jack is a failure do not buy will work for short time then you will spend hours on chat with incopanence.there is no help when it fails and it will.then you will have a dead jack and no service that you already paid for.go to there web site first before you buy and listen to all the hipe.try and go through there help proceedures and return tabs you will see there is no way out.the tabs will bring you back to menues you have been in 20 times and will end with chat that gets disconnected.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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PLEASE DON'T LISTEN TO THESE DUMB FOLKS. I have 10 years of hassel free, no interuptions, no solicitors, no complaints.

These guys are NOVICE USERS FOR REAL. This is 5th grade technology, and very simple process, therefore don't try to get something for free, that is already BASICALLY FREE to begin with. These are the people who will setup a SLIP AND FALL DOWN situation in order to sue a company for large sums of cash. These are the people you need to BEWARE OF.

These people are the nerdy types that have never made any major impact in life, be it in Highschool, or College, they've never played on a team sport, therefore they have no social skills, just plain dumb Dungeons and Dragon, Sourcery, mythology types from which you're hearing all this negative feedback. PLEASE BECOME A REAL MAN SOON!!


I have had MJ for about 8 months now. When I first got it there were a few of the problems mentioned here, and quite a bit of frustration in climbing the learning curve.

I have had only one ongoing problem since, incoming calls go dead after six minutes and 24 seconds. If I call out, no problem. Calls are clear. I used MJ for 2 months before I disconnected my prior service.

While not perfect, for $1.70 a month phone costs, I'll live with it. I do have a cell backup though.


Regarding sid lucero's comment. That make a whole lot of sense.

Buy a Mac computer so your $40.00 magic jack will work? I think you been rolling that funny stuff to early in the day!


for all those people having problems with their MJ, its pretty easy to fix, just buy an apple computer. it works perfectly with mac's.

i had lots of problems when i plugged it to my pc but the same unit gave me no problems when i used it with my mac. thought i'd share my experience.


my magic jack works just fine. i guess i got lucky

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