with all these negative comments, why magic jack do not answer some of these bad comments? maybe it is true.

we want to see a magic jack representative to answer these bad comments. I do not own an MJ yet and I'm looking into getting one but these negative comments is hindering me. but if MJ has answers to all these negative then maybe I will consider it.

so MJ is reading all these comments at all then please start answering and defend yourself. or maybe MJ is not even looking at this site because they don't care whether their products works or not.

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Horrible Horrible Customer service!!! First I tried the Live help.

It takes about 5 minutes after you type to get a response. That's every time. Ask a question...5 minutes. Answer their question....5 minutes.

then, it's as though they are responding to a different question or they didn't understand what you need. After going round and round they said they were transferring me to a more experienced technician......that's when you get disconnected. Happened 3 times then I gave up on that and called their "Billing number”, which sounds like an off-shore call center. I never got my free magic jack number and was trying to get one.

She kept saying that I had to pay extra because the time to get the number had passed.

She was EXTREMELY rude and instead of passing me to a supervisor as per my request, she hung up on me. Seemingly, there is nowhere else to go!


It's very difficult to defend the indefensible.

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