I called mj customer service on line, they tryed to help, talked to 3 reps still got static what do i do. i have to use the extention even when i don't i still get static what do i do to get rid of it so that i can use my mj?

i got mj to save money now it seems that i wasted money.

80.00 with the mj can anyone help me with my static problem. I really would like to use the mj i have friends that are pleased with mj i would like to be one of them happy with mj!

Monetary Loss: $80.

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>> I had the same problem.>> I finally changed the power adapter to a better unit, reconnected and reset the magic jack plus and works perfect now.This fix worked for me too. The hum had rendered the phone unusable, but now it works perfectly again.

to Anonymous #1543582

Thank you! I changed out the power adaptor, and it's crystal clear now.

to Denise #1548310

I have the same problem - what power adapter did you buy and how many amps? Thanks for your help.


i have the same issue, my device is 3-4 years old and they told me get a new one JIC!


Plugging in the MJ directly to the USB power supply did the trick. My noise came from the cable extender that I was using from the magic jack to the power supply.Also try to do the port forwarding to the improve quality.


I replaced my MagicJack Plus with an older model (I have several) and it works just fine. If I did not know better, I would think there is a hardware problem with the Plus.

I no longer see that it is being sold.

You can get them to transfer your number to the new one if you replace it. I had to.

The static is from the MagicJack Plus itself (Note: NOT interference as some people have suggested).

Hope that helps.


Glad I found this forum. I had static on my MJ plus. Replaced the power supply and all is good now.

to bnelsonr #1411460

Good call! The USB power plug went bad on mine as well. I changed it and all is well

to blaser #1466980

Thanks. That was my issue as well!

to bnelsonr #1482805

Thanks this worked for me as well.

San Diego, California, United States #1353552

I switched from the Magic Jack power supply to my iPad power supply and Wala no more buzzing! Now I have to calculate the time- value of trying to get another power supply out of Magic Jack...

i'm pretty sure they know it's not worth my time.

The on hold wait time is enough to make my decision. Without Siri I wouldn't be doing this :-)

Houston, Texas, United States #1322866

Yes I have the same problem. It started in the last few months and seems to be getting worse.

It's been real good before now. Hopeful it will straighten out.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1300687

power adapter fix the problem......thank you guys

Sherman Oaks, California, United States #1231049

I had the same problem. I finally changed the power adapter to a better unit, reconnected and reset the magic jack plus and works perfect now.

San Jose, California, United States #1190312

First try to remove the USB extension came with MJ and plug MJ+ directly to AC adapter (it solves mine), it also has a little note on USB extension saying "it is not necessary to use this USB extension cord", if static still exist, try different AC adapter (if the AC adapter does not give out correct amperage, it also cause static) it's better to buy the original MJ AC adapter because it was design for it, off the shelf AC adapter may not work as intended

to Anonymous #1371629

That just fixed my static to remove the little cable and plug directly into the adapter... thank you!!!

to Anonymous #1436749

I removed the extender as well and that did the trick.

to Anonymous #1546705

Thanks for the tip. Getting rid of the USB extender worked for me as well!

Such a simple thing. And to think that I put up with the noise for so long!

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1182021

Replace the A/C adapter. That's what cured my noise.


I had a horrible static problem with my mj's USB plugged into the wall outlet. I plugged it in via computer's USB only and the static went away.

The mj's USB power adapter to wall outlet went bad. MJ will replace it free, but charge a postage & handling fee.

Might be cheaper to just go out and buy it yourself at a best buy or something. I got mine at a discount store for like $2.95.

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