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I have not been able to find one problem with my magic jack i have called all over america and have had alot of calls come in with perfect reception so i give it a 20 on a 1 to 10 scale 307-343-4727 call me and i'll tell you i am just a disabled marine and dont have alot of money and they didnt bill me for 31 days so i think its one of the best things i ever paid for and now i can keep my number for ever,IT's the best phone ever Thanks MagicJack

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The problems occur when you re-up. They don't issue refunds or credit.

So be very careful. They also lie. They'll take money from your account and blame it on your ordering. The CS is chat only.

If you think regular phone CS is bad,...then you will want to commit suicide after dealing with these people via chat. Its a terrible exp when there is a complaint. Don't walk the tight rope using this service thinking that you'll never have a complaint. Its gonna happen.

And when it does,...there will be no solution in your favor.

Magic jack is a risk. Could be a good service,...but its the culprits behind the name who don't mind scamming WHEN the time comes.

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