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I've had mine for 3 days and had nothing but problems. every time i contact their speical " live chat " they have me download something.

I cant make calls out or if i can the receiving end can barely hear me.The last rep that I spoke with wanted me to give him 3or4 phone numbers that would not go through , i only gave him 2. one of them was own..........he didn't anything with them. He then wanted me to contact these people and ask them who there innernet service provider was.

I got into a arguement with him trying to explain that it was not any of my business who my freinds get there innernet service from ( I think ther lazy )

For a company that sells " great free phone " service , why cant they use it for there own customer service.................maybe they already know that the quality of magic jack isn't good enough use for there own purpose's ????

Review about: Magicjack Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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thank you for your kind words but i review this product a little too late and now i have the same problems. yeah why can't they give their staff service phone lines to talk to customer.

I hate this service it *** me off to be typing. I left Vonage for this I think I'm going back. My family lives overseas and they can't call me...

the phone just get busy for no reason. Every time i call people I'm embarrassed cause they say my voice is breaking up and they cant hear me..................

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