Kingstown, Saint George
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I am trying to renew my international subscription, The problem is , whenever I submit my email

address, you r eply that my email address is not found. My email address has never been changed , since

I got your equipment. Please let me know why is this happening. I need to speak to my relatives abroad.

On January 2nd 2012 I tried to make a call to one of my relatives in Trinidad, West Indies and was told

that I had 2minutes for the call, I tried several times to renew my internaetional subscription. and was

told my email address was not found.

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Richardson, Texas, United States #1268281

Have the same problem how can this be resolved


Well, I got a suscription recently (paid 14usd for 1 year) , I received the registration code but when I try to log in, I'm told that the password is incorrect, so I click on forgot you password? And It doesn't work.

I'm told the holy phrase "Email address not found".

Well they stole me, i want them to give me my money back. What can I do?

Contact me please


Today while I was setting my new magic jack, finally It says the error messege: magic jack email address not found. I put everything correct and tried many times to do the same and getting the same mistake.

I do not know how to help myself and I Am still looking for some good news. 8ago2012


I;m not due to pay you until 2016,I bought a five year subscribtion when I sign up with you.

Now you won;t ecept my e-mail that I can let you know.Thnk God for finding this.I'm 76 and getting confused.Will you please Straighten out.


i had the same problem with an e-mail address. i didn't use it for a while and they did something that i can't conect to it, but if i try to renew that address , they say that address is already taken....w t f ?

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