It wasn't until after a month of trying the Majic Jack customer care number 214 884 5124 that I learned that at Majic Jack's discretion they can discontinue you being able to make out going calls!! If they feel you are using the Majic Jack "excessively" they turn your outgoing call option off!

The customer care person directed me to read item #6 in the Terms and Agreement, that does state that if it is felt you are using the Majic Jack too much your outgoing service can be terminated, but it gives you no guildeline as to exactly what is too much?? Also, at no time during their commercial do they make mention to this important fact!!

What a scam!

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I have Qwest and the taxes almost equal the cost of the service. Do these taxes still apply to MJ?


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This may be due to their ongoing discussions or already compeletd discussions with Skype which was at least supposed to be their international carrier. If they feel you are using it for business purposes and so does Skype that may be the reason as skype has a personal and a business plan.

Crappy I know but people have got to remember. No matter what advertising says, TOS is what you should believe and most assuredly believe. Also, if you pay five cents for a cigar, you get a five cent cigar.

This device wasn't designed to be the Universal Panacea for telephone users. It's cold comfort but look at it this way...you pay 20 bucks and make 100 bucks worth of calls in a year the device paid for itself five times over.

Good luck everyone.


It does say that. I just went and read it.

I had read the thing before, but never really saw it. That is a worry. My sole intention was to get 2 of them cause of international travel.

By the way it reads it does contradict what they advertise. magicjack.com/tos/

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