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the ad came on the computer same day of order for plus jack $29.99 so I sent in. The bill came for 85 dollars, said the coupon was over????

I sent in the same day it was sent to me???? Bait and switch you bet.

I did not keep copy of ad so Wells fargo told me get bent and kept the charge, they, Wells fargo would not get my magic jack returned that they told me to send back so I have no jack and no money so Yes I got it in the back end from magic jack. They have it better than selling cocaine with Wells Fargo on their side...13 months later and Wells Fargo will not even answer my complaints any longer, by the way Wells Fargo sucks too, they forgot about the Customers.....do not give magic jack your credit card numbers if you do not want charges on it that you did not want......

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $85.

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #742031

Subject: Loss Of Dial Tone On Magic Jack Plus

Firstly, I must admit I have been very happy with my MJ Plus.

But, yes, I lost dial tone today. Turned out the AC Power Adapter

died (you know it when there are no binking green or amber lights on the MJ. The usual Support "Chat" BS was hardly much help. Yes, he told me, they could replace the AC adapter. All I had to do is send them the old adapter (to their Florida address - I live in Canada). They will determine if the Adapter is flawed and, in turn, will send me a new one. A 25-cent item (on their books anyway) with about a 4-week turn around and about a 10-dollar postage charge on either end. He understood the crayziness of that idea but had to follow protocol. Just Great!

Solution: I did get him to confirm that their AC Adapter was compatible with my iPhone adapter. $6.95 at Wal-Mart. Problem Solved at half the price.

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