So Comcast has this Internet/Cable/Telephone service bundle that they were charging me $125 a month. Why so expensive?

Just one freaking coax into my place for that much money each month? This is monopoly pricing here. But there wasn't much I could do before Magic Jack. So when I got my first MJ a few months ago, I contacted Comcast and asked them to remove the cable and the phone service.

Well, they weren't going to let me go easily and talked me into keeping the Internet/ basic cable/phone service bundle for $100. I went along because I was sending my MJ to my brother who lives in Bangkok and I need a land line. After procrastinated long enough I got my 2nd MJ up and running and I'm ready to take down Comcast. So today, I called to have the cable and the phone service removed.

First she tried to scare me by saying that Internet service alone is $54.95 a month. I said that sounds good to me. Then she tried to offer me a deal with basic cable and the phone for 73.99. So they basically dropped the current price of $100 to 73.99.

I knew that these bastards were making money off me. I said no. So she pretended to be looking up another deal for me and came back with Internet and phone for $52.99 a month. I verified with her that it's $2 cheaper if I'd get the Internet/phone service bundle over the Internet service alone.

She said yes. I went along, but then I realized that they will jack up the bundle price after a certain amount of time. So I asked her how long is this bundle price in effect. She said 6 months.

I knew that the bastards will come back and get me somehow. But I went along anyway because I'll be moving and will cancel the service altogether. I kept the phone service because it's $2 a month cheaper, not because I need it. Then she had the nerve to offer me basic cable for $10 a month after all these.

LOL. These people have more tricks up their sleeves than you can shake a stick at.

The bottom line is with MJ, I can tell Comcast or the phone company to stick it up their a**es with their phone services.

Viva Revolution!

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:( I have been battling with sucky Comcast for almost a month. They suck and will not help me. I'm going to satellite
:( I have been battling with sucky Comcast for almost a month. They suck and will not help me. I'm going to satellite

To Lisa,

Don't feel bad if you felt like you have been had. Comcast makes a lot of money on this and can afford to train their people well. We are dealing with highly trained professionals. They are trained to detect what your wants and needs. They aren't there to help you or me, they are there to sell and to push Comcast's products into our laps.

They have designed their strategy to hook people in and for them to win the negotiations. This is all scripted out so that their reps will always win 99% of the time. Bundle package is like a drug addiction. It gets very expensive and consumers have nothing to fight back if they rely on cable providers like Comcast for all three services. I lost in my first encounter with them. And I would have lost in the 2nd encounter too if I wasn't moving in a few months. Comcast rep tipped her hand when she offered me basic cable for $10 a month when I showed absolutely no interest in it. To me, that's what the service should cost. But they won't give it to you if you show that you need it. Likewise, fair pricing for Internet connection should be about $20 a month. So what they're charging at $55 a month is still a monopoly pricing.

Here is what you can do to reduce your monthly bills. Call your local phone company to see what's their rate for DSL. Once you have this number, call up Comcast to "cancel all services." Don't worry, they will not just let you tell them what you want and hang up. Their coax is already in place. Your connection to their services hardly cost them anything and Comcast is addicted to your payments. They will ask you why. Tell them that you only need Internet access and you found that you can get DSL for $xx per month and that's what you're going to do. Now watch Comcast prices come down. If you want cable, don't show any interest in it. Tell them that it's a waste of time to watch TV. Watching TV makes people ***. Yes, slap them in the face with that, lol. There is nothing scares a cocaine dealer more than you're quitting cocaine. Free cocaine will start flowing. Trust me, the rep will try to sell you basic cable, lol. Good luck and enjoy your lower monthly bills. And yes, return their *** box with the telephone service. You can use MJ if you ever need a land line.


Everything thst you said here is so correct nd I am glad to hear Magic Jack is a good option over Comcast. I have been mad myself with the bundle pricing of Comcast and how it is always going up after a certain period.

They are so over priced. The problem I have now is they talked me into this digital phone service and changed my computer internet modem. I never use my house phone and have a reliable cellular service. If I drop my house phone service, I will need to change everything with TV/Internet and return and get a service call out here.

It is all time consuming and overwhelming. I am so sick of Comcast and in Tallahassee, Florida it seems like they own the market on local/internet and television cable service.

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