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helpdesk persons do not listen nor hear you : follow this chat :

Jay: Hi, my name is Jay. How may I help you?

winsloh olsin: hi Jay

Jay: Hi there Winsloh.

winsloh olsin: I have a magicJack PLUS and it is not working I bought it from you guys a few years ago

Jay: I see.

Jay: Let me check your account first to assist you further with the problem.

winsloh olsin: I also own a regular magicJack ( your original type ) and it is still working fine they both have two different numbers

Jay: Okay, thank you.

winsloh olsin: the number associated with the magicJack PLUSD the one not working is

Jay: Okay, noted.

Jay: May I know where is your magicJack PLUS connected at this moment? USB port of computer Or directly to your wall-Outlet and Router?

winsloh olsin: the regular magicJack which still works is associated with

Jay: Okay.

winsloh olsin: I am in the business too ( IT guy ) and I have tried it on two different router ports as well on the usb connections of 2 different PCs it is capooot

winsloh olsin: no light coming on at all

Jay: Okay, thank you for doing those steps.

winsloh olsin: no net work lights either

winsloh olsin: nothing

Jay: May I know if you have spare adapter something like Smartphone or iPhone charger?

winsloh olsin: a charger ??????

winsloh olsin: why ?

Jay: The power adapter is the device that is connecting the magicJack to the wall outlet. Please remove the power adapter that is currently connected on the magicJack device and replace it with the charger of your Smartphone or iPhone for us to check if there will be changes.

winsloh olsin: you mean I can try to charge the MJ unit ?

Jay: No.

winsloh olsin: well thing is when I tried using the actual MJ Plus unit it was directly connected to a USB port in my desktop PC and it did not work that way either

winsloh olsin: but I will check it hold on

winsloh olsin: just tried the AC usb adapter and it did not wotk with my cell phone charger hook up either

Jay: Okay, thank you.

winsloh olsin: welcome

winsloh olsin: now what ?

Jay: One moment please.

winsloh olsin: so looks like both the actual MJ Plus and its adapter are fried

winsloh olsin: alright waiting patiently

Jay: I just reset the connection here. Please unplug your magicJack, wait 2 minutes then plug it back in. Let me know once done.

winsloh olsin: o k I will wait the 2 minutes but I dont got alotta hope with this

Jay: Okay.

winsloh olsin: approx 90 seconds to go

Jay: Okay.

winsloh olsin: gonna plug it into my desktop usb port now

Jay: Okay.

winsloh olsin: nuthin no response no lights nada

Jay: Please hold, I am transferring you to a senior agent.

winsloh olsin: how long will this take Jay ?

Jay has disconnected.

Myrene: Hi, my name is Myrene. How may I help you?

winsloh olsin: iory I have been with your

winsloh olsin: company for a long time now

winsloh olsin: I will not accept any BS or runarounds

Myrene: Hi there. Please hold for a moment. Let me read your chat with your previous operator so that I can assist you right away, okay

winsloh olsin: capeesh ?

winsloh olsin: hi

Myrene: One moment please...

winsloh olsin: read away

Myrene: yes

winsloh olsin: the frikkin MJ Plus is dead

Myrene: One moment please...

winsloh olsin: I have been a senior IT Engineer since 1997

Myrene: One moment please...

winsloh olsin: I know when an item is finished

Myrene: hold on please?

winsloh olsin: hope I wont have to switch companies

Myrene: One moment please...

winsloh olsin: I have been with MJ many years now quite a few renwals too

Myrene: W

winsloh olsin: maybe you should get the owner to look at my issue

winsloh olsin: I am sure he will take good care of me

Myrene: winsloh , I understand. Please hang on as I review your chats.

winsloh olsin: hmmmmm........

Myrene: One moment please...

Myrene: Is the magicjack still connected on the computer were chatting?

winsloh olsin: we are going to have to move this up to a higher level person

winsloh olsin: yes it is

winsloh olsin: I told you there is no response whatsoever

winsloh olsin: no lights nothing

winsloh olsin: get me a supervisor now

winsloh olsin: you guys have not been listening to me

winsloh olsin: I am very upset now

winsloh olsin: freakin runarounds

winsloh olsin: I will have to write the owner personally as this is unacceptable

Myrene: Please bear with me, I need your cooperation so I can check what causing this issue

winsloh olsin: what is causing the issue is the fact there is NO POWER travelling through this MJ Plus it is DEAD

winsloh olsin: get it GONE

winsloh olsin: and I need you to ship me a new working one

winsloh olsin: are you a supervisor ?

Myrene: I just need to check something

Myrene: Yes, I am

winsloh olsin: if not get me the top person on duty at your call center right now

winsloh olsin: well then Myrere I need a replacement working MJ unit

winsloh olsin: check my account history and my unceasing loyalty I have never asked you MJ guys for anything

Myrene: IF you want a replacement, you can process by logging in on your magicjack account, then hover your mouse to Account tab and select Warranty replacement.

winsloh olsin: and I have been with you for many years almost since your company started out

winsloh olsin: I will do that right now and then what ? I do not want you to disconnect while I do this

Myrene: I'll wait here , just open it on a new browser please

winsloh olsin: alright ........

Myrene: Okay

winsloh olsin: I am at that tab now

Myrene: okay, thanks

winsloh olsin: and what is marked there is that the warranty is no longer applicable

winsloh olsin: so you guys expect me to pay for a new one ?

Myrene: Yes since this is outside warranty. The warranty device is only within one year it got defective. And warranty has a corresponding fee too.

Myrene: Our annual license fee is extremely inexpensive, enabling consumers to reap substantial savings. magicJack devices contain small electronic components like other electronic products they could become damaged. Our warranty processing fee helps recover our costs to program, process and ship the replacement, unlike other carriers who may recover these costs through their monthly recurring fees or paid insurance plans.

winsloh olsin: so when will you send me my new MJ Plus at no charge ?

Myrene: We cannot send you a replacement without charge Winsloh, all replacement has a fee

winsloh olsin: um huhm ..... well I will have to escalate this with your owner and home office and they will satisfy me rather than have a disgruntled loyal client

winsloh olsin: a very unhappy present client who was made to wait a very long time for nothing

Myrene: I perfectly understand Winsloh, but I am the last person you can chat with

winsloh olsin: oh no you are not this chat history will not be very pleasing when your owner sees it in all of the online blogs sites social media and chat rooms

winsloh olsin: make sure to convey this to them

Myrene: Understood Winsloh, Every chat on this Live Person assistance is being reviewed by the Upper Management.

winsloh olsin: disconnecting now Myrene

You have disconnected.

You can search for an answer while you wait


This reviewer shared experience about warranty issue and wants this business to "i want a new magicjack plus to replace my non working one" as the author lost $500. This person is overall dissatisfied with Magicjack. The most disappointing about magicjack technical support at Magicjack was customer service , but reviewer liked call quality. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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