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I have found no way to renew my subcription for the $19.95, offerred on TV.When it became close to renewing, the menu for contacting technical support or making changes to my account was no longer available.

My only choice was to buy a new Magic Jack for $49.95. Renewing subcription for $19.95 yearly is evassive and as far as I know nonexistant.

They only talk about $19.95 a year on TV, When I wanted to extend my subcription I couldn't find a way to pay just the $19.95 a year either on the internet or through the Magic Jack menue.Just except the fact your going to pay $49.95 a year and will probably end up with a new telephone number.

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Monetary Loss: $49.

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In order to renew: 1.I had to unplug the jack from the (Ethernet port/router).

2. Plug the jack into your USB port the same way I installed it. 3. I clicked the box that read my subscription is expired to renew.

It took me through the renewal process. I can't imagine how you would renew the subscription without a computer to begin with after your phone is shut off. They took the payment from the credit card for 1 year @ $29.95 + tax.

Lastly, I unplugged the jack from the computer and plugged it back into the router and I had my phone service back.

Dallas, Texas, United States #709434

loved my MJ at first but when it came time to renew 1 year they also took out of my account an extra 10 bucks for a maintaince fee ...no idea what for nor premission to do so...1 year later decided to get said discounted 5 year 59.99 ....wouldnt happen, cust service was a joke all on line just repeated info that i told them ....no help tried several times was giving to "next teir" supervisor....same ***.

now i see a new add on tv "available at Best buy and Radio shack .... called both advertised for 19.95...

they dont have any just $59.99...sorry thats NOT $19.95!!!

Denton, Texas, United States #693547

I also can't renew for the advertised price. I instead am forced to pay $33 for 1 year, but don't have to buy a new MJ unit.

MagicJack is using outdated ads or is straight up lying. Either way, it's ridiculous!




i want to renew my magic jack


Trying to renew for 19,95 what can I do because I can go through please advise as soon as possible thanks


i ackwant to activate my existing magic jack.


trying to renew my mj for 19.95 that renewal is not available or is it? any answers!!

to ohara #839797

Try Magicjack free trial on the internet

go to customercare/live agent

click member features

click my suscription

find reativate or renweal button

find one year for $19.95 Good luck


I had mine renewed by Dalimara for only P1400 pesos no credit card needed.

Here's their number in Makati JP Rizal. 403-5304, 697-2762, 0999-493-6259, 0923-373-3252

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