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Very unhappy about this. I tried to call a US number to a company that I sometimes deal with.

I have called them many times before to order items when I had Vonage with no problem. Magicjack would not make the call and wanted me to PAY for long distance. That's BULLSH** I saw the ads about FREE long distance etc and bought it because of that. It seems to me that when a company uses bright stand out fonts and colours stating " NO LONG DISTANCE CHARGES" or NEVER PAY LONG DISTANCE AGAIN that they should include the little asterisk so a person can know that there is a catch.

Without that little well known warning I'd say it's FALSE ADVERTISING! and might actually be illegal. The say "buried" deep somewhere into the service agreement that "some" special types of calls will be charged.

When I argued that this was just a regular everyday company, Not a conference call or anything special they said they didn't know but I could just buy long distance so I could make the call. I complained that I felt this may be false advertising and was quickly let go of the chat session.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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:( :( :( Wow, I just saw you complaint minutes ago. I just got off the chat with them over the same thing.

It's ***. You're right, it has to be false advertising. HUGE letters on signs everywhere say FREE long distance. I can't even call my uncle in the states.

he has a freakin normal number. Why do I have to pay to call him. Why the *** do I have to pay at all :( :( .

Really angry. It says FREE

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