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I bought the jack a couple of years back. It worked great and I sent one to my lady in Mexico and wow, we could talk all the time.

For a while at least. I even talked with my brother in Alaska all the time. All of a sudden, I could not dial my brother in Alaska, and my girlfriends computer was acting up. Next thing, my computer crashed and I lost my hard drive.

My tech told me to look at the user agreement with Magic. It allows them to track me and also add all of those other folks who wanted to advertise and also track me. I tried to call Magic and they had no customer service folks.

Guess that is why it is so cheap, there is no service. So, I tossed the connecter in a drawer and figure that the cost of that five year contract was a lesson well learned.

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You sure learned all right! When I was using Majic Jack (3 months) I noticed some strange computer issues.

I have no conclusive proof that it was Magic Jack...but I got a dozen or so viruses & 7 Trojans. I unplugged the device, Cleaned the computer & didn't plug the Magic Jack back in for 7 months. I was afraid to. After I did reinstall the little monster box, It workrd fine for a few days.

Then one day when I turned my computer on..I get this Blue Screen. Saying something to the effect of recently installed program should be removed. I removed Magic Jack & all has been well. This company is very bad news.

Like someone said "Don't Go Near It". It's not worth what you think you are saving.

FYI. Never give them your credit card #..Never!!!!!

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