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I have been using the PC and the Internet form the very beginning. This is a great concept but it is totally unreliable.

The server software seems to be the problem. All incoming calls are subject to incorrect processing. Sometimes nothing happens, sometimes a beeping error occurs, sometimes voicemail works, and call forwarding quits working a few hours or a day after it is activated. It seems that there is no actual software support other than the people on chat, i.e.

nothing gets fixed.

Don't waste your money. I had to go back to ATT after spending a lot of time trying to work with this piece of ***.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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You sound like a shill from the phone company. MJ works great for thousands and thousands of people and will cut into the phone company revenues.

MJ is an electronic device that works reliably if you provide it with enough bandwidth for your Internet connection and enough processing power on your PC. Did you take your MJ to try on somebody else's machines before proclaiming that it's unreliable?

Let me guess, NO. YOU are the weakest link.

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