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I got a magic jack a couples of months ago, and I'm still waiting to make calls. Now i can't set it off customer service is hiding.

They are waiting for the year to come to charge for something I coulden't use ever.

Someone, anyone please help I want to get rid of this so they can not sucker me again. My cousin got it and all she uses it is voicemail service, because she can't use for calling,it is just wasting her electricity and damaging the computer for having to be on all time

Monetary Loss: $40.

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you can not damage your computer by being on all the time, the magic jack needs high speed internet, you can not have a phone that is 10 yrs or older and there is a update for it on the web site you can call me for further assist. if you like 717-826-5440 if it is long distance call me and than i will call you back to help you hook it up

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