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We have had magicjack since 8 08 and happy. But in last two months dying and now dead.

We followed all the steps on your website to fix. It will not load on any of our three computers. Opening screen opens telling us to wait and then the computer freezes. No programs will run and in order to go further, power to computer has to be turned off and MJ unplugged.

Reboot and the computer runs fine.

Plug in MJ and all freezes. Cannot get in touch with MJ.

Please e-ail or call on cell 270-627-1894.


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actually u dont need to use the

va_track_star: actual usb device to use your magic jack account, u can also use it on your VOIP apps on cellur products, via android, iPhone... they r also

va_track_star: releasing a new app within the next 60 days that lets you use your magic jack account without the actual usb device, on your hand held devices

va_track_star: i currently use my google phone that has no service but use it via wifi to make and receive calls, you can also use google voice, which is

va_track_star: free to do the exact same thing on handheld devices and computers so u can forward your magicjack calls to your google voice if u dont wish to download any of the free voIP apps for your computer and use your magic jack without that *** usb device

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