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Magic Jack is not what you think.

It is not unlimited free calls.

Magic Jack can terminate you without notifying you if

1. You make over 50 calls per day.

2. If they think you you misuse the call by say making 20+ calls to some phone numbers.

3. If your one time use is more than the "Average Use" from their other customers.

4. If you did not use the # for 90 days, they will give your number for someone else.

Today, I make around 50 calls, suddenly the magic jack is not working. And it says I need to pay an additional $39 or more to continue to use it. There is no service department you can complain. I was NOT told I had only Very LIMITED phone use. And the online support shows me a paragraph in the service terms that STATED the above. I purchase the Jack in Radio Shack, I really feel this is wrong.

Also, I have very fast internet service, way over their "claim" requirement. However the Sound is very poor, you can hear it get truncated, interrupted, very bad sound quality for internet speed. According to them, with my internet speed, it should sound excellent without any minor notice. "NOT TRUE".

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I picked up a package at a store today just to see if they mentioned cutting it off when exceeding 20 calls per day. No where on the package did it state it.

But I got news for Magic...

Should they cut someone off when it's vital service such as a medical dependent person, well terms or no terms they I got a hunch they may get owned both criminally and civilly. They'd better start being honest and putting that one critical no little detail over 20 call statement on the package.


20 times the normal rate would mean you could make up to at least 20 calls per day without issue and realistically, this would be more likely 40-60 calls per day (average). Few people will make more than 3 calls per day (on average).

As for the other stipulations. Calling 50 DIFFERENT numbers in a day is unrealistic as would not using the phone for 90 CONSECUTIVE days. This is neither making or receiving a call for 90-days. I believe the point here is that this is a personal service line and NOT a business line.

Also, the things you are attempting to do are simply unrealistic.

The intent was ONE phone attached to a jack NOT wiring the whole home. This is another case of cheap is not good enough, it has to be cheap AND as good as all other service providers.


How did you manage to make even 20 calls? With the echo and poor quality of this POS i think MJ was doing this as a service to keep you from going nuts.


***. If you buy a real VOIP like oolahh it works great, with MJ the effort and money goes into adverting and not product.


Looks like you get what you pay for.... :upset


i got this as a gift and am ready to throw it out the window. first off i didnt know that you could not call more than 20 numbers or 50 calls a day so when my service was terminated i was so mad to say the least.

so then i was like fine. atleast i sitll have my inbound calls. how wrong i was. everytime someone calls me the call drops after 32 seconds.

and when i contacted the online support service it did not help one bit. i kept gettin transfered ovr and over again.

and then when they finally did get it working i got transfered again and she told me to unplug it AND THEN IT DIDNT WORK! i was so freakin mad..wdf kinda stuff is this?


You can t call more than 20 numbers!!!!


Yes they suck they are full of $hit they inform you that AFTER you start using it is basically a scam, where they promise Majicjack unlimited calls it is all a scam. It is completely bogus :cry

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