the magic jack company took 200 and something out of my account after they told me that they would not take it out til i got the product and i am very pissed at them and i wont my money back or i am going to call bbb on them and tell them that magic jack is a lier and a cheat on there prodic and i am not going to tell my friends about the company at all i am not a happy camper with you guys i hate the magic jack it is a gimect.

thank you

eulalia woodley

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Couldn't help but comment. I could barely understand the complaint. Considering the person can't spell very good, I not so sure if the complaint is legit, or if the problem on the user side.

If the end user can't read or write, I can certainly understand why they can't get good customer service from a chat based customer service provider..


there main goal is to get your credit card number,and make thereself quick cash,then dissapear like magic when someone sues.


i have had majic jack for 2 and 1/2 years now and it works great, i use a temp card to pay bills over the net , that way they can not overcharge i only put enough on the account when i need it.


I wanted to find out if Magic Jack was a reputable company, and reading this review, it's obvious they're crooks. Not giving them my business, that's for sure! Thanks for the heads up!

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