Not resolved

Worked fine in the begining.

Now local calls are not clear.One has to redail every minute or so to hear the other person

Internation calls are dropped after the phone is picked up.This costs money

Two weekends on the "live chat" promised a fix and a follow up email

Did not happen

Called "live chat" and they want to run me through the same again

Waste of time and money.

So it turns out a very expensive gadget in time and lost money

When it worked it was great, nothings changed on my side so they have lost the system, maybe they are getting to big and cannot cope

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agree with all of the above complaints--waste of time and money--tech support stinks--they want you to make all these changes to your computer--dont buy it!!!


Magic Jack is a badly developed technology supported by people in far-off lands who will never understand the issues and they treat you like dirt. Try calling them - big joke - they only do chat so they can hide behind the internet. Get your phone service from skype - these Magic jack guys are crooks!!!!!

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