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I have spent 6 hours attempting to get my system to work . It worked well for 6 months. I have paid for 5 years of service. now you can not provide it. I need at least 4 years refunded..

Magic Jack..I understand how frustrating this issue has become. Let me find out what happened and I will check all available resources I have so we can straighten this out.

Magic Jack...Please allow me to inform you that it is not possible for the plan to be refunded. I have reviewed the procedures you have undergone with other agent about not being able to make call. Please allow me to continue assisting you regarding your issue..

me...How do you get to keep payment for 5 years and only provide 6 months of service????

Magic Jack.. I fully understand how you feel but the plan had been applied to your account and part of it was used. Also, please allow us to fix your magicJack so that you can get your service on.

me..Are you going to pay for my TIME?????

magic jack....I am sincere on helping you about this but I will still respect your decision if you do not want to continue


Monetary Loss: $69.

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You guys are either stockholders of cellular co's or true to ur account. I have decided no on the JACK. I also don't care to keep my pc going at all times.



Was not surprised to read this. I ordered it when it first came out and could not get it to work.

Sent it back. Took a bunch of certified letters to every MJ entity as well as a letter to the Florida Atty General to get a credit back on my card.

Which, by the way, investigated them and sent me a form to fill out. I still have all of the paperwork.

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