Oregon, Missouri
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the unit i have has quit working after a few months less that 6 when i went to there web site and the live chat i thought i was talking to Dell on one of those where they ask a lot of dumb questions.

i told them that it was dead no light when you plug it in it gets hot and freezes up the computer (gee might be a short huh) well after 3 tries and about 1 hour they said gee we will send you a new one and it will only cost you $9.95 shipping well as near as i can figure that is about 1/2 the price of a new one let's see i payied 50.00 for one and 1 year and then every 6 months you pay another 10.00 that is about 70.00 a year! well some how that rally good deal just got way more expensive.

i oped out and i'll write off the first 50.00 as a bad deal!!

the warrenty on those things SUCK.

roy f burtnett

Monetary Loss: $50.

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