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MagicJack!!sounds like a perfect gadget to help people save money.

Yeah! It really sounds like a trusted gadget after all the media reviews and all kinds of excellences. However, I bought one with 2yrs service; its marketers really impressed me as many other people, but it's the BIGGEST SCAM of all time. I know and heard many people who bought this gadget and they also have same or worse experience than I do.

I haven't seen or heard not even one happy person who used MagicJack. Why is that? This product is a WASTE for your money. "DON'T BUY IT, DON'T LISTEN TO THIER ADVERTISERS; it's just marketing and business.

DON'T LET THEM FOOL YOU and SEARCH FOR CONSUMER REVIEWS before you get it" This product doesn't have the sound quality you expect, and you will get upset most of the time because it's like using a cellular phone with no signal. The quality and its customer service are bad.

I decided not to use it anymore even though I lost a lot of money instead of saving.Remember, you get what you pay for and cheap products or service mean worthless quality.

Review about: Magicjack Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $270.

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South Holland, Illinois, United States #235013

As soon as i plugged the *** thing in i lost all sound from my PC speakers, after a couple of hours on Magic Jack"s live chat i still do not have any sound from my PC speakers.

The phone itself works ok but it can be a bit crackly, i would not recommend this product to anyone.


Still, at the end of the day you need a "special" computer to use your phone!On top of everything you ALSO have to have "special" internet??!!!

This is far from free cheap phone service, this is a scam. It should just plug into the wall and work like my phone does now. So this cheap phone cost hundreds to thousands upfront just to use thier crummy $20 part!!!!!!

Then pay the re-ocurring "special" internet fee EVERY MONTH!This is in NO WAY FREE.


To all the people who complain about Magic Jack all I can say is most if not all of their problems are probally due to ignorance, lack of common sense, low IQ and stupidity.It is the best thing I've seen as yet for ease of use and a great way to save money.

It is truly magic.And i don't work for Magic Jack!


Magic Jack works great for me for voice calls, and I use it with the same computer I use for everything else. My only complaint is that it doesn't work well for faxing - which was the primary reason I wanted a phone line other than my cell phone. I frequently have to attempt a fax 5 or 6 times before it will go through.


Magic Jack is the best VOIP I have seen besides being very cheap.

Yes you need a "Special" computer for it, so what!

I use my old 1998 laptop for it, and just for magic jack, that is it! I leave it on all Day and night. It does not affect my electric bill at all. You don't need a special internet, just as long as it is not Dial-up.

My advice is, go to ebay and buy an old laptop or thin client pc for less than $100 and leave it on all day and night, Magic Jack will work super good!


What a ripp off.Had I known you have to use a PC computer to make it work I would never had bought this junk.

Why do I need a "special" computer to use the phone. It should just plug into the wall and work like my phone does now. On top of everything you ALSO have to have "special" internet??!!!

This is far from free cheap phone service, this is a scam.Be warned.


I used one of these things for the past year, and I've been through it all.I'm a computer tech, and it has been all I could do to keep it working.

If you have one that works and it suddenly develops problems, then you either have a virus/malware, or your operating system is degrading. It's a commonly known fact that all Windows operating systems are subject to program degradation. When this happens with Magic Jack, your only recourse is to kiss all your favorite files goodbye, format your hard drive and reinstall Windows.

I'm speaking from experience, cause I just had to do it tonight.Now my Magic Jack is working fine, but I lost over 100 movies to fix it.Gues it's time to buy a solid state drive for my OS and just use the SATA for storage ;)


:eek pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.I had att voice over for a year and it suckedddddddddddd.I only use magic jack for a extra line....installed it made a call and it worked like a charm.not 1 att was 35 a month..helloooooooooooooooooooooooo19 bucks?i could care less about their customer service..for 19 bucks what do u cant get english speaking on att and you *** at magic jack :upset


Incoming calls are usually good, outgoing calls are usually bad for clarity, echoes, beeping, screeching, (the other party hears these).I tried dialing from the softpad onscreen and it seemed to help, but actually with all the testing and troubleshooting I have done with this over the last year I think it just has sporadic good times because it is mostly horribly bad Most of the time.

It is a good answering system for an empty office..:(


the first year I had MJ, it worked great so I renewed for 3 years and since then it has been ***.I have a new high end computer also.

I have spent hours online with techies to no avail. Every call within US or Canada breaks up so bad no one can understand us.

I would not recommend this product to anyone!!:(

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