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This co is a scam artist, there is no way to return the product, because there is no to tell you the RMA number. I will report to FTC and open a dispute with VISA co.I wounder how the some prominent figure are also sponsering it, they are probaly on their payroll.One can easily make calls anywhere with 2 cents over yahoo messager.TV industry also should pay attention to these Scam artists. I have to check if PC magagine really gave any recommendation.I only got static when tried from hotel and there are many co who are in this business but unlike this one who has no service at all.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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My first question would be , why would you want to return it ??? I've been using mine for 1 1/2 years now while my neibours have been paying 40 per month.Well all my frinds and family use it now too.No issues with my service , and im not making Bell or Rogers richer than they already are


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ok people give me the real deal does this magic jack work?


I have Magic Jack and it works 100% fine for me. What a lot of people do not understand is that you need FAST

DSL service. It does not work well and in some cases at all for slow dial-up services.


there are some pretty rude, brazen, snotnosed folks out here eh ? I bet tattooed and pierced up the gazoo with - - - - for brains !

Shame on you punks !!!!!!!!!!


1-You can use a P2P like Uttorent and still have an operational magicjack.

2-It's very easy to set up and use. The problems like static were because of my phone not the service and,

3-It's a *** lot better than *** vonage that charges you MONTHLY as opposed to annually. If you want a voip service, this is as good as it gets. If you don't want one, get verizon landline service because unfortunately verizon is the cheapest landline service out there right now.

Steer clear from AT&T. Those bastards gave me the run around and were very rude to me.And they charge too much.


So far so good


The real Deal, Im not a MJ rep or of anything, but i got 7 of them, one for my friends mother-n-law who lives in Romania and 6 for my office. All work great.

What a great solution to the commercial prices that At&t wanted to continue to charge me. Also, i can call mine from the 317 area code without dialing the area code.


Well, there was a MJ ad up there when I submitted the first one., lol


I think it's pretty funny that there is a big ad at the top of this page for MagicJack right next to the customers complaint. How about that for ad placement?


shut up bloggers........kylla is're just plain dumb abd ***.....couldn't follow simple instructions...... :zzz


magic jack is amazing, it rocks my world... I love it, shut up bloggers...

you're loser!!!

you're just pure dumb... :( :p


MagicJack Services is pathetic. The whole deal looks like a scam. First you cannot reach them (MagicJack) through phone and the link provided for a live chat is turned off all the time taking you back to the page you had started with.

After days of trying to reach them, finally i did manage to chat with their representative. The first representative Junrex did not have any solutions so he escalated it to James who in turn promised that he will escalate it further and have this resolved and that a Magic Jack representative will contact me within a day. It has been more then 21 days and no one has called or contacted me.

The whole thing is a scam. They are only interested in selling the device and are not concerned if you use it or not. They are not into providing phone (VOIP) service they are into making a quick buck. But word gets around about their pathetic services and as with other companies that have gone under who thought that they can get away without providing services, seems MagicJack is also headed towards a pathetic end and will disappear like Magic.



Yes it works fine as long as it is the only traffic on you connection. I have a Charter 5 meg connection and data gets lost when anything heavy is happening. Forget about P2P you have to chose one or the other.


You CAN get an RMA (returned merchandise authorization) on one of the pages at the website - presto chango! I did it although the refund is still pending or something.

I followed their rules to a 'to' and yet it's been two months since the promised refund has yet to show. They sure could TAKE my money - within 24 hours off placing the call! LOL But to get the refund?

PESTER THEM!! And yes, let your bank or CC company pester them, too!


Actually I have magic jack and it works fine - my only complaint is that no matter the area code no one can call you locally. In other words if you get a magic jack number with a 951area code and some one in that area code tried to call you they are told they need to dial one etc.... That aside the phone is great for my needs.


DITTO!!!! How can you judge it on the quality of a *** hotel network???

If you don't like it, then just contest the charge on your CC and SHUT UP! Then go back to school and learn to write in English.


The Answer: U R A Retard.

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