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I was smart, I used a debit card which I fill only when I am about to make a purchase. I actually had to call my debit card company, cancel my card, and get a new one because every time I turned around Magic Jack was attempting to take money off of it, and this was AFTER the original agreed upon purchase price had been paid.

They sent me several e-mail stating that they did not receive their payment, but I know that is not true because I have the card statement to prove it, and I informed them of such and provided them with the information they needed to verify the validity of my statement. Six (6) months later, my service stopped working and I was unable to get it to work again despite being told that my account was in good standing.

I will never do business with these people again.

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I REALLY don't know why are you all complaining. I bought my Magic Jack in a Best Buy in Florida and I am the happiest person in the world. I am using it here in Panama, I can call ANYBODY in the US for free and their long distance prices are competitive.


You are so right. Think Carefully before going near this device & the people who give you online chat support A.K.A.

Running you in circles & treating you like @$%^Y. After they are done abusing you online...they just disconnect. I WARN YOU NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD #. IF YOU DO YOU ARE ASKING FOR BIG TIME TROUBLE.

Continue reading the comments of abused consumers & see if you want to join "The Abused". Truly Awful.



If you have already made that mistake (as many have) watch your credit card statements carefully. There is a billing phone # FOR BILLING ONLY. No tech help. I think the phone # is posted near this post.

Look for "Magic Jack - Don't Go Near It". Click on it for phone #. If they have scammed you on billing Call the scumbags. I don't think the BBB can help you.

Some agency needs to deeply investigate what this company is doing. Be Careful of making the choice to get MJ to think you'll save money vs. what you will go through in dealing with all the bad surprises that are included (at no extra charge).

Just waiting for you. Horrible


True- Stay away from the scammers. Magic Jack & their customer service a total & complete RIP OFF!!! Like Johnny says "Don't Go Near It"..


:eek I logged on the net to find out some fine print regarding this "too good to be true" magicjack as seen on a tv ad. After seeing millions of scathing reviews and almost zero good reviews, I'll be sticking with a good old fashioned AT&T land line.


I've had one of these & also done extensive study on customers that have been ripped off & misled by Magic Jack and their scummy "Reps" (including myself).Do yourself a favor and stay away from Magic Jack & their Slick Lying online "Reps". They have no customer service except online chat which is worthless.

To have no way to contact a real person (aside from billing scams) that speaks volumes for the commitment to us the abused consumer. Research what I'm telling you. The worst business practices I've ever seen. will people ever learn?

Look up Magic Jack Complaints & learn for yourself. You wont wanna' go near the product or the people running the operation/factory. Sickening!!

By the way, The person who posted this complaint is not kidding. If you choose to do business with these crooks Never give them your Credit Card Number....Never...Never....Ever..Like I said "Don't Go Near It"


Get over it women ok and pay your bills

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