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Well, the BBB answered and said I was sent a replacement at no charge...Big deal. This to has fallen on deaf ears. I was asked if satisfied OR NOT? I SAID NO. To make the long story short, I said why can't I get a refund?? I did tell them I was lucky, I only opted for the one year, I can just feel if I did the 5 year. Now, there is where they make their money. It needs to be stopped.

My last line was, America...home of the brave and land of the crooks.

I am not knocking my country but I am knocking all those politicians that voted to let the communications world TV/Telephone moguls to get away with murder. Companies like MJ and others have the freedom to use every loop hole their lawyers can find and get away with it BECAUSE our so called elected officials don't care.

Maybe, just maybe there will someone out there who has the honest savvy to provide what we all want honesty and good service.

I close with, I hope we will all see them (MJ) in court..

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