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I am a legimate magic jack customer in MS and its never ringing in and always going to my voicemail when I try to call away from home, my kids say it never rings, and I know they are telling the truth because as soon as a voicemail goes through it comes directly to the email on my phone.I just called it and it went to voice mail, not only that alotof the times it tells me I am not registered as a customer and tries to give me another number.

what kind of *** is this?

What if my kids had an emergency, well thry sure as *** couldn't depend on majic jack..and I cant find where to get a live person to discuss these issues with.the whole thing is a bunch of ***...Brandy

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It breaks up while we're talking sometimes we can't hear each other.Recently it's been jumping to voice mail.

I don't think it rings at his end.

I'm only able to call if I happen to be the last person he called..I really don't want to talk with him that often but it would be nice if I could call.


Have you had any issues with incoming calls telling the magic jack customer has to call you first ?My brother has magic jack and I can call him unless he hasn't made any calls since we last talked.

So frustrating I can't call him.Unless he calls me first.


Our MagicJack works great.However, I set up my mother-in-law with a MagicJack and she had the same problem.

We just bought her a new latest-and-greatest MagicJack device. I called my cell phone with it. Then called it from my cell phone and it rang through. Then I got home and tried to call it again, straight to voicemail.

A new device didn't even fix it.I don't understand.


NO it does NOT work even when the computer is ON.That was kind of an insulting response if you've went through what this person has went through.

First time I got Magic Jack, it rang the phone.

Now, the same phone won't ring. AND I bought TWO others to try it out. Another expensive one. AND a cheapy from Best Buy with a REN designation of .73.

Magic Jack will RING NO PHONE. I have spent HOURS UPON HOURS with Magic Jack's tech support going around in circles and nothing works. I can name the technicians here. Paul Maya, Renard, Ethel, Ezekiel, Virgil, etc They assured me if I renewed they could get it to work.

NOW they have my money, And it does not WORK.I'm very angry with them.


Sounds like your computer may not be turned on when you receive the inbound calls. Just a thought.


I love Magic Jack.

If you're having problems you might to re-install the program on your computer.

I no longer have to spend $$ on phone cards etc! I use my US cellphone to call me relatives-who has magic jack in the Caribbean and UK :)

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