I bought my Magic Jack from a local retailer. I plugged it in, pulled up the Majic link and spoke with a real human. Now the jack is activated.

I gave the Majic Jack a chance for 30 days, and thought it would work out ok, so I bypassed the opportunity to return the jack and retrieve my money. However, in the next 31 to 90 days, I had one upset after the other.

I spent hours on the Internet with different agents, and made suggested adjustments and the further into my self-imposed trial period, I encountered so many problems which resulted in hours upon hours with the chat-line agents, only to be transferred time and again to "higher" agents. The last time, I "spoke" with the agent, I was on the Internet for forty minutes, and finally was transferred to a "higher" agent, and at that time, I hung up.

I realized that I needed a phone service that I could depend on without using minutes on my cell phone. I felt the necessity to use my cell phone for business calls. A week ago, I unplugged the Majic Jack and had a better system installed to my total satisfaction.

I have tried to find a connection to call and let Majic Jack know I was disconnecting. I have found no place to call and I feel very uncomfortable with going to chat.

I have received two notices in my email from Majic Jack to confirm my email address so as not to interrupt my service. I ignored the notices for obvious reasons.

With the first year free, I shouldn't have to pay for disconnection especially since I have no legitimate connection to which to go to report my decision.

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I think everyone should buy one for a 2nd phone to begine with, and if it works out, then use it for your main phone. thats what i did, at least it keeps you safe before the transition to your main phone, and if it dosn't work out as it seems to be happening to some people.

In general it seems to be working out for most buyers. Good luck to all who at least give it a try!


its a jock


works great for me, when can we have the Cell Phone on Magic jac , that would be a bigggg saving.




You said you unplugged the Magic Jack and had

a better system installed to your total

satisfaction. I am curious what kind of system you had installed and what its name was

so I can look into that one. I have not purchased a Magic Jack yet and am trying to get as much information as possible before I do. Since you found another system you liked I wondered what it was. Thanks


My Majic Jack would not come on said I owe money - I would like to talk to some one or email me at mdeanpmh@yahoo.com

Please send Telephone number for me to call. I need to make a call.


does the computer have to be on when using the magic jack? because i am not on the computer all day. :zzz


works great for me, your doing something wrong

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