I debated and debated about getting a Magic Jack. Well, I finally bought one at my local Walmart. The directions look so simple, but once you plug the Magic Jack in, there's tons and tons of stuff you have to do. I tried about a hundred numbers, and they were all taken. What's up with that???

I am just pissed because it is NOT as simple as they advertise it is.

I just unplugged it and said to *** with it. Besides, I didn't want to take a chance of screwing up my new computer or my broadband card. I would like all the info I typed in to be removed, but not sure how to do that. I sure as heck aren't going to pay anymore than I already did for the *** Magic Jack. Thanks for listening.

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Magic Jack is great! No problem to install.

There was NOT tons of stuff to do.

Just provide your name address etc. I let it choose any number that it wanted to.


You debated and debated over whether to spend $19.95 for a full years phone service when you have an expensive computer. That sounds like a no brainer to me.

If it did not work well, or easily, a "courteous" call to their customer service probably would have net you some good results. The people on this site that seem to be complaining the most about this amazing product all seem to have the same issues - not realizing that perhaps they made a mistake, not realizing that asking politely usually gets you help that you need, not exhausting their options to get this to work for them before becoming angry with the service personnel who are just like all of us - they would appreciate a little courtesy. I have seen this work well for two overseas contacts who need to call in America. Many, many USA servicemen are calling their families every day because of this item.

I was engaged to a young man in Viet Nam years ago and we were lucky to get letters back and forth in three weeks time. This is amazing!


I installed Magic Jack with absolutely no problems at all.

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