Mine works great. I set mine up on my Mac and it is clear as a bell.

I also run it through my wireless router and then through a cordless phone. I think it sounds better then my regular land line service. I did try it on my lap top which is very slow and it did sound like *** but if you have a computer with a good processor you will have no trouble. I think it is great that someone is saying screw these high priced phone companies and their unjustified long distance charges.

We need more companies that come in and kick these big corporations in the teeth. We need a magic solar panel next.

Review about: Magicjack Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I would like to try Magic Jack but i run my computer wireless. Will it work wireless. When they say a home phone does that mean a phone hooked up to a company like verizon?


I've been using it for 3 months and it works great. It is hooked up through my computer at work and my laptop at home - works perfectly in both locations.

Once, my voicemail stopped working.

With the online chat customer service, it was fixed within 3 minutes - no big deal. Sometimes I wonder about the people that have all these problems.

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