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The Magic Jack Has barely worked after 3 months. It still will not work on my phone. No dial tone. Customer service takes up to 10X longer because of the' live chat" which is typing with long painfull delays in between messages.

I've contacted tech support 6 times, over 6 hrs of frustration. A completely frustrating type of tech support. Agents seem fine and there is no wait but they sound instigate a real phone call system instead of these typed messages back and forth, very archaic.

The sound is apparently terrible on the other end. I would not recommend this to anyone until they get their act together.

I was told you want a Canadian area code it is an extra 10 dollars per year.

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I have majic jack for a couple of years now. The ONLY reason why I keep it is because of the phone line.

It's a hit or miss. Some days it works and some days it doesn't. When it works that's at a few minutes at a time.

And the customer service is the worst.

You're chatting and it is painstakingly long.

Ugrrrh. There's no way they could charge more than $20.00.

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