I have purchased four Magic Jacks. All four of them have stopped working within the first 6 months.

I bought them for different offices all over the world. Most recently I found that the problem with one of them is the extension cord. The arrogant Magic Jack employee told me that it was my problem because they gave that cord to me for free. They told me I could buy a new one.

This particular cord is less than two months old.

They will not stand behind it because it was "free". I guess if the problem would be the Magic Jack itself, I would have paid for the cord and got the MJ for free.

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Dumb a** people can't function in the 21st century, I say continue to take it in your a** by Verizon, AT&T ect...

If you wanna get hit with many different fees, such as the hearing impaired fee, voice mail fee, the caller id fee, call waiting fee, block number fee, 411 fee, miscellaneous fee, the blind mans fee, the cancer victims fee, the mink coat for my wife fund fee, the please send my son to Oxford, princeton, and Yale college fund fee, so that they can further bash your *** in all aspects of life, then go ahead and contribute to those compainies who have monopolized the market since the rockerfellers time period. It works great for me; grade A product. You all must be novice users of computer products because in todays world you must be current with all the latest technology.

What the He.. are you'all cry'n about, for 20 dollars a year with no hidden fees and other bullsh... waiting 20-30 min. to talk to a rep for turning off your phone after paying the fee they're f'in you for, Monthly. This is just Land line phone sh..t, not to speak of Cell Phone sh..t! with contracts, locking phones, simcard stuff, very bad GSM tower service, dumb texting features which cause car wrecks killing your loved ones; you ungrateful no sence have'n Big babies! Grow up Novice users, please grow up and smell the coffee. This is not a scam, but feel free to go back to giving all your money to At&t,Verizon, and Comcast CEO's, CFO's and on down the line to send their wives on luxurious trips with Fur coats on their backs, buy $1000 bottles of wine ect..; although they will provide the internet service anyway, why give them the whole gammit!! You *** Biac...'s

Magicjack: they respond asap when you chat to them, and there is no problem so great to where one needs to hear from a person by voice. My only 2 issues were solved in seconds of chatting. They were: 1. i needed to get my code for the 5 year plan that i purchased. I provided the needed information, they provided me with the code, Solved. 2. I installed a new sound card and messed with some of the settings witch caused my magicjack to loose the ringtone. They walked me to the menu and select from the drop down volume/headset control and select telephone; Solved. If you are downloading while using the magicjack Yes you may get interference/bad transmission, could depend on your internet speed as well. I have 10 years in with Magicjack, no bills, no hassel, and the good part about it is while you all are ducking calls, and are paying for it monthly because your're so affraid to speak on a phone you pay out yur *** for, I just turn off my PC, or don't answer, then check messages either by email anywhere in the world, or the phone itself, No charges, no going over minutes, just clear feed between callers, and people i know love it. You idiots.


I think everone, needs to know how much of a rip off it is. when you check ConsumerReports.org thay clame no one has complained about it.

and how high rateings it gets.so people dont see the complaints until thay are pissed off.It makes me see what a sham ConsumerReports.org is. its not worth the paper its written on.


The IRONY of Magicjack is that the company Sells phone service. But has live chat and cannot afford a majick jack for themselves or for the customers to serve them better. A BIG RIPOFF......

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