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My land line telephone connected to the Magic Jack does not ring on incoming calls! What on earth have I done wrong and did not complete?

What can I do to make it ring on incoming calls? Is there anyone there who can help answer this question? It has to be something simple I'm over looking or I'm making it more complicated than it needs to be that not the first time I've done that!

I have been looking at this for more than an hour now and I'm about ready to pack the darn thing up and return it! Any one please point me in the right direction!

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Phone.

Reason of review: my phone does not ring!.

Magicjack Cons: Desk telephone does not ring on incoming calls.

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My majic jack will not ring either!

I even returned the phone thinking it was a bad ATT phone but the new one does not ring either.

Mijic jack just has some *** chat that is impersonal and takes time, time, time.

What do I do...there is something wrong with their system if the ringer does not activate when an incoming call comes in.


when this happen to my MJ we had to replace the usb power supply feeding the device.