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I had MJ for the initial 3 years. In that time I had to use their miserable Tech Support several times.

I suspect that this is a Boiler shop operation in some foreign country. They supposedly "fixed" my service twice. I spent altogether 10 hours online with them, TYPING in all my answers to their incredibly dumb questions, only to have to repeat them as my case was passed upward. Then came time to renew my contract with them.

They cut off all service with no warning. I went into their website to get another year of service at $19.95. Not amazingly, that isn't offered! I had to get back with tech Support again, and re-establish my account.

It didn't work, same symptoms as the first 10 hours online. How frustrating! Never in my life have I ever had to deal with such miserable service. Nice idea, but .....lousy execution.

I've renewed and am petitioning my debit card people for a protest & a refund.

I will not ever use MJ again, nor will I ever recommend their services to anyone, ever. Period!

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MJ died 2 years ago.

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