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i had baught majick on line about 6-8 months ago, i am just now trying it and all it said was that there is a error in mimory! It dont work, the patent pending # is...#A921, please refund or send me another one and i will send you this one back...

You can contact me at my home phone#...315-515-3317. Anthony Genopolos Ps. My x-wife had it in her closet for six months or more befor she returned it to me...

I would like to talk to someone by phone, i have MS and do nont like to type to much. Thanks....

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Hey Sparky, got bad news for you. This isn't a place to complain TO MagicJack, this is a place to complain ABOUT MagicJack.

They don't read and answer this ***. They have their own website where you can complain and get ignored.

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