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my name is carmen valles customer with magicjack for more 8 years, on january 18 2015 i paid $129.36.- for 3 or 4 years, less 1 year later my telephone was out of service december 20 2015 my telephone was desconected, i called spoke with sam and i have to pay again, no calls, no letter, absolutely nothing and nobody try to contact with me for explain. i called 1800 777 0770 spoke with sam, i have to pay again if i want to continue. very...
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I was a magicJack customer for about seven years I upgraded my device to magicJack go and paid for a five-year plan. I talked to my girlfriend quite often. One day they cancel my service and said that I use the service too much. I had only used one year of the five-year plan that I paid $99 for I asked them to refund the remaining credit or give me the rest of my service they did neither. So if you have magicJack recommend do not go with the...
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I Didn't expectate to pay to transfer From my Cell to majicjack so but it happen International calls i put $ 10.00 lást Year and i make ONLY one CALL and all Money gone This Year i put ANOTHER $ 10.00 and gone AGAIN so My yearly SERVICE expire in April next Year and i hear a Message the my yearly suscripción IS expire no phone # where you can CALL For discusión the Problen The chat Live IS very short time to chat and disconect fast So For...
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We have been customers for over three years. When we renewed a few months ago, I was led to believe I was paying $60 for the year. I paid $60 but they only gave me 6-months. When I contacted them in chat, they kept sending me to the online agreement. They don't give you the terms when you pay CASH IN THE STORE!!! Now they think I am gullible enough to pay them another $30 for a year, BY DEBIT CARD OF COURSE. It's clearly just a scam to gain...
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Turns itself off 5 to 10 times a day. Until that started happening a few weeks ago, everything's been great since I originally got it years ago. It broke down once and they sent me a new one right away and helped me install it. I have had none of the problems the others on here described and perhaps I was just luck so far. My computer stopped working correctly so I had another MagicJack that plugs into the wall and I'll find out tomorrow if they...
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whocares Look at all the ffukkz given for this post. Not a one.

Owned MJ std for 1 yr, rnwd sbscrptn 4 the nxt yr@29.95 on 3-22-13,mistakenly order MJPlus, after 3 months my MJ was deactivated,tried to call billing but they said it was a technical issue,no number to call only live chat for techsupport.Tech spprt was bad and kept going in circles and could not help,called billing 3x and was hungup on all 3x,called back and insisted to speak with mgr,but mgr never would accept my call.Seems to be a simple...
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I used to call several local companies and now I get a recording saying I need to buy pre pay minutes. I contacted (LACK of) customer service 3 times and I all I got was read the TOS read the TOS read the TOS. When I asked if there was a recent change I was told "READ the TOS". I used it for almost 3 years and was happy now i HAVE nET-dUO tALK UNTIL THEY CHANGE THE (TOS meaning terms of service) Bye Majic Jack thanks for the years of service. I...
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They ripped me off so bad i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i
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I just renewed Majic Jack because when I tried to use it it said your subscription has expired. I renewed the subscription as they requested and now it doesn't work. They need a better service from what I have read from others on this post. I for one will not buy another device to make it work instead I will research and fin another phone service to take it's place. I just had my other phone disconnected and handed out this number to...
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the magic jack i bought at radio schack does not work good at drops calls, the call waiting doesn't work,if i switch over to answer the call coming in while on the phone,when u click back over to get your first call, u can here them,but they cant hear you.i am fed up with it,but i can't afford 45.00-50.00 for a phone a regular landline with unlimited acess to long distance calls. i dont want another service to plug into my phone.i...
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