If I have a unit why must I buy a new one in order to renew I have tried to renew but the program will only let me if I buy a new unit.I got a one year and my wife got a two year yet both our units have expired today and we cannot renew unless of couse we go and order a brand new unit.

Why do I need a new unit if I have one already. This sucks.

So if this is the requirement then why the *** doesnt magic jack tell us in the begining.You cannot renew unless you buy a new unit.

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El Paso, Texas, United States #588671

Can't renew.. Rip off... Probably errors with processing system


i need to renew my magic jack for one year and its urgents since its about to expire soon . but when i log on to Users name and password i cant g thru to do the process, please email me what to do and if there any tutorial help that i can all . please email me at maryeleanory@yahoo.com .many thanks.


i have renewed my subscription on 1-15-0012 i just got an email saying i need to subscribe before the 20th. what sould i do?



I renewed my Majic Jack for one year, with the intent of giving it to a friend who needed portable phone service. I requested one year at $13.95, which was the advertised price. I was billed $69 for a five-year contract, and Majic Jack refuses to refund the difference, saying they only renew for five years, which is NOT what the site says.

How do I get my money back?


I cannot make local calls with my MAGICJACK, but I can make out of area calls.I have a friend that has the same problem.

we have chatted with MAJICJACK for over a month now (4-5) times, after chatting with one person they pass us off to someone else that is an expert,on chat for hour or more then they say they will turn it over to their engineering dept, they will get back to me, I have heard nothing as of yet.my chat #'s554019854347X - 554021734945X - 554024786687X - 554026248493X.


I have tried several times for over 8 hours (2 hours a day) to renew.They let me renew for my 2nd year but will not do it now.

My Mom cannot either. All they do is say,"hold please" over and over and then say it's under review and I never hear from them. My Mom even went and bought a new one and it would not let her give outgoing calls (like me) and took it back. She then bought the 69.95 one that plugs in the wall and that did not work either.

Radio Shack never helps either.

Why would a company do this?Why hasn't the BBB done anything about this?


NO RENEWALS ! SCAM . for all you who are trying to renew , forget it . It is just a scam to get you to pay another 50 for a new jack . you will never renew your account . Your account is " under review " that is why you can not renew . What does that mean ? they will not say because it is double talk for go to radio shack and by=uy a new magic jack .

You did not subscribe to all of their many add on offers so now you must pay in another way if you want their service .

File a consumer fraud complaint with FCC, BBB and your and their ( Florida ) attorneys general .


i have 3 units, two who need renewal.i have been on livechat for over 7hrs, unbelievable!

i get to a certain page and can't go any further to renew, called twice, both calls i made, i got hung up on!

does anyone know something i don't?!!:(


what does magic talk mean


hi iwold like to renew my magic jack service for one more year my#708-357-6860 let me know how or what i should do soon soon thanks

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