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I have been dealing quite unsuccessfully with MagicJack customer service for 3 days now. I lost service when I installed a new modem/router and used the online help chat. "Margaux" was some what successful in getting the internet connection established but the system was not allowing calls to go through. She said she passed the problem onto "management" who would email me with further directions/instructions. I waited and repeatedly checked but no email appeared. I use the online chat help again, was given instructions which I followed. Still the phone did not accept or send calls. "Denny" then checked the magicjack device and determined it is defective. He referred me to an "expert, Karen" who told me first to return the device to BestBuy for replacement. Of course BestBuy says it is not responsible for defective devices, that is the manufacturer MagicJack. Karen acknolwleges that my magicjack is under warrantee and I have paid for 2 years of service. First, I was told to buy a new device. I refused and insisted the warrantee be honored (free replacement). Next I was told there were fees for free replacement and quotes a range of costs from $13.00 to $49.99 dollars. I insisted on free replacement and was told to read the warrantee which I did and which confirmed free replacement AND that magicJack was the responsible the help chat cut me off. Next I called corporate to complain. Three times the "support person" hung up on me. I have a defective magicjack and no phone service. I refuse to purchase another device. I refuse to pay the 2 or 3 different fees required to get the 'free replacement". MagicJack need to keep its word, be honorable and replace my device OR refund my money including the cost of the device AND pro-rated service charges I have paid.

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Product or Service Mentioned: Magicjack Internet Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I too an experiencing customer support disconnecting me. For thee days I have been unable to make out going calls or to receive incoming.

Magic jack customer support hasn't been any help. I'm not sure what I'm going to do?

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