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More than 2ms ago i failed to make a phone call,once the other person says hello the line is cut &couldn't hear me at all.i chatted with Desmond&Sharon for nearly an hour&couldn't help mebut promised that another technician will get in touch with me but so far nothing happens for over 2 wks.Please tell me if you cann't help ,so I give up hoping it will work one day &in this case I stop advising many of my friends&aquaintences against buying magicjack. Please get me somebody to chat with me for help

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people can't hear me when I call


Person on other end can not hear me..I hear them fine...This is on a Win-10 Dell laptop..On a similar Dell laptop running Win-7 it works FINE....What's the problem and how do I fix it?

Thanks, Fairwind


I found a solution : thanks rabrenilla

(check the volume of the magic jack microphone.. Open magicjack > Menu > Volume/Headset Control > then adjust the microphone volume)

I opened the MENU and Volume/Headset Control AND I have a Logitech HD CAM 920 so I set the following:

Speaker: Speakers (Realtek High Def)

Microphone: HD Logitech Microphone

Ringing: Speaker (Realtek High Def)


I have the same problem too, it's frustrating but I am sure there is a solution!


Have the same problem in Ontario Canada.I hear the receiver just fine but they cannot hear me.

Chatted to the tech guys 3 times. All 3 times they got me going but it didn't last. The next day it was back to not working. It's very frustrating and since I'm using it for business calls it's ruining business too.

In Control Panel - Sounds I found some back speakers that were turned off. Turned them on and also in the magicjack display in Menu: Switch to Phone and in Volume/Headset Control be sure to set to Telephone and be sure to turn up the Microphone volume to ½ way.

That worked for me so far.Hope it helps


I purchased MJ about 4 months ago.I attempted to use it while connecting with a 3G air card from Sprint.

I receive great signal strength where I am. I was assured that connection speed would be sufficient. When I tried to make calls, the receiver couldn't hear me and then shortly after, the phone would disconnect. I contacted the live online chat, and realized after several attempts that it was computer generated reponses.

Another words, there's not live people helping you, it's all through a computer system. That's why they seem to repeat themselves and always "checking on that" to very simple questions. Before realizing it was all computer generated, they had me go into my computers registry and ended up messing some things up for other things that I use on my computer (Ipod). Finally, I gave up after months.

Recently I upgraded to Time Warner home internet with turbo. Curious, I plugged in my MJ and it works perfectly.

Even though they say it works well with 3G air cards, I was a prime example that it doesn't.I hope this helps someone that may be having the same issues


check the volume of the magic jack microphone.. Open magicjack > Menu > Volume/Headset Control > then adjust the microphone volume

hope this can help :)


I've solved the problem.

It's so simple.

I've just changed the new telephone.

It works so good so far.

I love the Magicjack.

Thanks a lot.


Magicjack worked OK (not perfect) for a year, but in last couple of months, party I call from MJ can't hear ME!It's as if I had muted the thing--but I haven't.

I needed this for business, so I'm planning on dropping this garbage and finding another VOIP device manufacturer.

Any suggestions?Thanks.


I have had the same problem for over 4 months now. I've chatted with MJ chat people who have wasted so much of my time going through their script and telling me that "they are checking" and that "I'll be right with you" when in fact they must have numerous chats going at the same time.

I ordered a new MagicJack device - same problem. People I call hear me but I cannot hear them. I AM UPSET. Not a router related problem, not an issue with UDP ports.

I am seriously thinking of order netTalk where you don't even need to have your computer on. It can connect directly to your router.

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