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I've had Magic Jack (the latest one) for the last year with no issues. The call quality has been great, and I didn't experience falsely identified conference numbers like I did a few years ago (for example, you'd dial a NOAA weather line and be denied access by MJ).

The first time I had MJ, I ended up going with NetTalk after a time, because I was concerned about flakiness/unreliability due to my not being able to connect to certain numbers and reading about others who could not call out to ordinary residential numbers for no apparent reason. I was angry with MJ at the time, because they charged a hefty port in AND port out fee of my longtime phone number when I decided the service was not for me. I think I disputed the port-out fee with my credit card company. About a year ago, after not being happy with NetTalk quality, I tried the newer MJ device.

My mistake was using the same credit card I used the first time with MJ. After a year of trouble free service, they dropped the payback bomb. I could not sign up for another year of service until I paid them back for my original disputed charges years ago. Talk about holding a grudge.

Now they've lost a customer permanently, and I was a good one because I used the phone about 3 times/month for short calls. Oh, and it it wasn't at all apparent to me what the actual problem was at first. I tried to renew my service 4 times, and each time the web portal complained about my CC security code being wrong and asked me to verify it. After I did so, it returned me to the renewal screen with no feedback whatsoever.

I notice later 2 $1.00 pending charges on each credit card I tried to use. I tried the usual method of "chatting" with slow, unhelpful script readers first, who said my account was under review and could not accept orders. I then got a number and talked to the standard Indonesian/Malaysian sounding call center, who could not help me either. They gave me a number to call the next day.

When I called that, I got routed through 2 Asian centers, who each asked me for all my information. Finally, I got through to the account review guy, who explained that I was more or less being held hostage for $26. When questioned, he did not deny that I could have avoided this by using a different credit card with the new device. He did offer to send me a helpful form in the mail that would let me pay MJ back the fees I disputed in order to get the account unlocked.

What a ridiculous, backward company that resents its customers. I refuse to pay this, and I guess I've lost about $30 on a now useless device. He could not explain why MJ waited years to exact revenge on me. I cannot stand companies like this with horrible customer service.

I know they are low-cost, but their web portal is substandard. I think their web portal should be programmed to actually provide feedback and messages instead of expecting customers to try to sign up 4 times.

How hard is "Account Suspended Due to Past Credit Disputes"? I feel like calling weather lines all night and setting the phone down while I sleep on my last day of service..

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service of magicjack go from Magicjack. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $30 and wants Magicjack to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was customer service, port-out fees, inflexibility and contempt for customers and will lose a customer over a fee. Author liked the most call quality. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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