This product, or magic jack, is worthless. My suggestion to anyone thinking about trying one, is to think again.

For one, you cannot get in touch with anyone to talk to, in person. What is up with that? Poor customer service! Who wants to do buisness with anyone who won't communicate with you?

To me, this is all a scam.

I read another complaint where this person suggested a letter to the Better Business Bureu. Not a bad idea!

And, Attorney General! Maybe the more peole who do write to the BBB, and attorney general, it might to some good!

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Works fine for me with regard to incoming and outgoing calls. My internet connection is only 768K and no problems.

I had a problem moving the service to a new computer and their tech stuck with me until it worked. It's our only "home" phone now.


Yeah, go to magicjack.com and you get treated to an insipid video of the inventor's ugly little kid and her ugly little dogs, but there's no "contact us" section anywhere. The closest you can get (if you're really determined) is "Live Chat" tech support from some third-worlders who prolly never SEEN a Magic Jack and only know how to follow their prefab fixit routines on the screen in front of them.

Gimme a company email and a phone number.

If I can't get that, then you must be a scammer.

Never, ever gonna see a snailmail addy for this one. There would be hordes of pissed consumers pounding the door down.


Magic Jack, its not for dipsh*ts.

Irrigon, Oregon, United States #53931

For $20 a year, who do you expect to talk to? If it doesn't work, send it back for your money back.

If it's beyond 30 days, then chances are it's your system that is at fault. You sounded like you own stock in Vonage or work for a phone company.

Both are in big trouble!!! MJ is the future.


My power went off for a few minutes and mine has never worked right since. I finnally got ahold of there chat line but after 2 hours of trying every thing it still did not work so they gave up and cut me off.

I only got 1 day of service. They call it majicJack because they jack you out of your money like majic!

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