No response to live chat on MagicJack web site. Got my money so don't care if I have service or not.

I can't make/or receive calls. "Will Never recommend this *** to anyone "Ever"!! I will make sure I tell this to anyone I come in contact with in person or on internet!!!!!!!!! There is "NOT" any problem with my computer, as I can do anything else with the computer that I choose to do.

They take your money & then do not give you access to the live chat to help solve the problem.

I tried to connect with live chat 5 times!!!!

Review about: Magicjack Internet Service.

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You cannot use the phone card to call oversea with magic jack.

I was charged twice first a one year plan and then the girl told me i would get the refund if i renewed with the five year plan. I did renewed with the five year plan. Since March 2013 until now October 1,2013 I still have not received my refund. Every time i chat with the live person she/he tells me the same thing.

"I am transferring you to one of our top 10% agents as rated by our customers" ; "Yes I do feel you on that (my name), rest assured that I have already done my report here and I will have that be follow up for you to have your refund as soon as possible."

STAY AWAY FROM MAGIC JACK. Do not believe what the live person tells you, they are trained to say, "As much as I would like to have that for you but we cannot give you an exact time frame for that (my name) because I do not want to give you any false information with regards to that." THEY ARE NOT SURE OF ANYTHING.




It appears that most of the complaints here may have been written by the same person--someone who has little grasp of spelling, syntax, sentence structure, etc. Read several complaints, virtually all seemed written by Homer Simpson's mentally handicapped brother.

To sum: maybe the problem's not the magic jack....you gotta be smarter than the electronic device you're working with.

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