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So, land lines are fairly useless except for the Solicitous Tribes allowed

to harass us at all hours by our "leaders". Loved the BLOCK CALL feature;

from which we were able to figure out just how often those rude rascals

run am-mock. Got "magic jack ""PLUS"" ( oooooh;-} only to discover that

those crazy Masters of Planned Obsolescent design their modules to fail

almost to the day annually; Hence; the 60 bucks year ends up being 100,

at the least. After many "Chats" with their "Techies", I did new Portals,

Conference calls with our carrier & Actiontec in India only to find the Magic was (Like B.B.said;Rest his Soul) much like the thrill.....Gone.

Now, if those Chatty Techies had only been allowed to be Honest when

it ended up being malfunctioning hardware ( yawn, "time to replace the Module with Ethernet & Phone inputs ) and I naively inquired as to a cheaper source (i.e.; PayeBay,Pal) and that I would HAVE to buy it from them, as the darn thing is like a time-chipped H.P.Ink cartridge that will

self destruct regardless of being full once passed a terminal date,right?

Instead, I get, "We don't recommend buying from another source..."

Wow, THAT would have been (would have been, mind you) so cool...

But NOOOOOOOO; I but the thing for dirt cheap, and proceed to waste

ANOTHER 2 hours being run around by 1st Tier & then, 2nd Tier-Expert

Techies.......(BTW; I ain't a techie, but I'm not an idiot; The cheap module

from eBay; an official MAGICJACK PLUS module with the same inputs

as our bad boy; Produced the same lights & got dial tone with NO PROBLEM; Inly to repeatedly hear the Robot pronounment;


Time to payMagicjackAGAIN,Pal! The TIER 2 "expert" simply couldn't

re-asign the new serial numbered unit to our Account (Paid up for another 8 months,yet! :-] Yup; Gotta buy it from THEM!

So, sayonarra to the Magic; I'm done. Perhaps I'll encounter that same blissful sensation I achieved by chucking my cell phone (I confess, My Lady does have & need her Smartphone) once I realized Verizon was

ALSO not my friend. Let's look on the Bright Side; Lots of Decent Folks

out there who, when an emergency waiting to pick up at the Airport, will gladly let you make that call with their yet-to-be attached-cybornetically appendage. Love those Decent People....

None of them work at magicjack.Off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Magicjack Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service AND bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Magicjack Pros: Silence was golden.

Magicjack Cons: Run-around.

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