I purchased four units - gave three to others and kept one for myself. I paid $59.95 for five (5) years service and have no service available.

I have been on the internet for three hours to trying get an answer, without avail. Most of their people are from other lands and possibly do not understand what I am asking for.

My main questions is: Why is no service available even though I am paid up for five years? Why do they not have a human being that you can talk to?

They say their way can provide answers to all questions within sesveral minutes, yet it has taken over three hours and we had not received any resolutions.

What can I say? In all decency, should I have at least some response?

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Actually my experience with them has been the opposite, I was able to connect on the phone with someone here in the U.S. When I first had a problem.

Here is something to know. Each unit once programed can't be used by anyone else. Unless it's programed by the home office.

If you don't have DSL or higher that maybe one of the problems for not having service.

It also could be the unit itself. If you bought insurance then get another one they will have it programed for the old number.

Fultondale, Alabama, United States #187673

What do you expect? The service is only $20/year so I don't think you should expect A+ customer service.

If it works then thank you, if it doesn't then you get what you paid for.

Sometimes its better not to be so cheap. I already dumped my MJ and sticking with my Onesuite VoIP service which has a live customer service 24/7.

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