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I called to order majic jack and the auto mated system immediatly takes your credit card number before any information is givin, the call dropped, they charged my credit card and I chatted in and told the customer service what happened , he said they wont charge you, they did not have my name , address, e mail address nothing, I looked on the site for a number to call, no numbers to call if you need to speak to someone a live person and later to chat with someone they said no one was available at this time. I had to cancel my debit card at the bank and now dispute the charge this is such a scam! I got really scammed on this one

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I have not purchased a magic jack yet but was thinking about it. I only need it for my husbands busines which sends an order each night at a certain time, kind of like a fax but it really is a hand held computer that is contected through the phone line. Does anyone out there think that this Magic Jack can handle this one call each evening or is it really that horrible> Any information from anyone would be really appreciated.

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