Those magic jack people will work with you until they find a solution.My magic was giving us a lot of trouble.We were on the virge of sending it back,when I tried one more time.I did a live chat and they walked me thru all the steps to get it working right.They don't tell you might have to download a lot of things to get your computer to accept the magicjack,but they are more than willing to help walk you thru everything.My magic jack works fine now. GOOOOOOOO magic jack. thanks guys.love you

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this works great! either people with issues have crappy computers or must be *** or on dial up internet connections lol.


I find that the quality all depends on what kind of internet connection you are on. If I am at home on my High Speed 20 Mbps internet it works just like a normal land line. However; if I am at a hotel on a slower speed it's really bad and call's drop and quality is bad.

If you have a fast internet connection it's great and worth the money.


I went through *** to renew my service but I must say they did go out of their way to get it to work.. There's no scam as you put it ,there can be problems but they will work with you to get it working


everyonoe complains about magic jack, but does everyone remember that you are only paying $20.00 a year for the service not to mention that it runs through your computer system, what are you looking for the best phone service in the world for free. It's time to wake up people and understand what your paying for if you want service like every complains about then go pay $50.00 a month $600.00 a year and get that kind of service.


You don't understand. The product itself is rarely the problem.

The problem occurs when there is a complaint. lack-luster CS via chat only. Your false pride in using the product with no problems is foolish on your part. Because the real issue exist when there is a complaint.

And i don't know how long you've been using magic jack,...but eventually there will be some issues. ESPECIALLY when its time to re-up your service.

You've been invited to a scam and you're happy about it. But little do you know the scamming hasn't even begun.

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