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We got MJ when it first came out, I admit I had to try it, it seemed to have so much going for it. I could keep my old number, I didn't have to pay for anything except the hook up equipment and a yearly nominal fee.

I didn't get charged for information calls. I could call all over the USA and Canada. What could go wrong? For the first year MJ was losing some of it's appeal.

If I had a technical problem, I was on my own, no phone number and the only way to get in touch with anyone was online. The standard answer was, we will get back to you. Never happened. Then my years subscription needed to be renewed, I found that site easy enough but when I tried to renew for another year, I couldn't.

I contacted MJ on line many many times, each time someone got back to me it was to tell me that my problem was in review. When I didn't hear from them, I would call again because they were harassing me about paying for the next year....which was my problem in the first place. I must have gotten in touch with MJ at least 12 times trying to renew. Come to find out, every single time I contacted them, my previous request was taken out of cue and started as a new request.

I couldn't wait any longer, I switched to Vonage. I asked Vonage to transfer my old phone number from MJ, but guess what MJ hijacked my phone number and would not give it back. Now I have Vonage, which started out at, what? $9.99 a month, well what them like hawks too, my same service is now a whopping $43.00 a month.

What has happened to truth in advertising and honest companies in America these days?! Disillusioned in Illinois.

Product or Service Mentioned: Magicjack Home Phone Service.

Reason of review: MJ would not release my phone number.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Magicjack Cons: Customer service live person and billing practices.

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