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MagicJack (MJ) works well for many people. However, if you introduce something as simple as a "˜router', then, MJ may have a hard time, as I have had.

When I plug my desktop directly into the cable modem, all is well. When I use a router, I cannot hear people who call me and sometimes thay cannot hear me. To fix this I'm supposed to use port forwarding. I'm not willing to re-configure my entire network for a product that is suppose to be a simple "˜plug and use'! Then what? When I go to a friends house, will I need to spend 20 minutes reconfiguring his network to be able to use a simple usb device! This is pathetic.

Bottom line is… If you do not have a router, MJ will most likely work 100%. If you have a router, perhaps 50% chance you will run into difficulties. I used "˜System Restore' to remove all that virtual CD/DVD junk that MJ installs, so now my system ais as it was before I installed that MJ useless junk. People report this messes up there burn software. I was shocked to see this, and what the heck does Voip have to do with installing a virtual CD/DVD? Of yes, Mj recommends using a separate computer for MJ!!! Wow, that's cost effective.

What's worse is that I cannot delete my credit card information. They do not allow it! I'm sure there has to be a law on the books about that. I've gone so far as to inactivate the account, which means not that to use it again I would need to pay them $19.95!!! I didn't know that at the time, but oh well, I'm not going to use it again anyway. Wow. Not a bad profit for 2 days of service and about a dozen calls of which only about 2 or 3 actually worked successfully. They still won't allow me to remove my credit card information from their systems. In fact, it now says that I owe them .33 cents! I will now need to cancel my credit card to keep them from charging me who knows what in the future.

If you run into problems, your screwed. No real support. There credit card systems are questionable, and possibly in violation of several laws. I should have known something was wrong when on the website the guy put his little girl on to sell it! Geeze… every time that page updates or gets refreshed that video starts over! Drive a nail into my temple please!

Check out a product called "˜NetTalk Duo'. It's similar to MJ, but also works on the network. It plugs directly into the router (recommended) via a network cable, or, can be used like MJ by plugging into a usb port. By plugging directly into the router you eliminate the usb issues, having to have your pc on, and, if you do have issues you can use the DMZ which would most likely resolve the issue. It's slightly more at $70 for the Duo and 1 year, and, $30 a year after. I'm ordering the Duo right after I post this.

I've actually searched the internet to problems associated with the Duo. I do find issues, but nothing like MJ! Also, most of the issues are when using it via usb. I've found posts that report the router I have does work when plugged directly into the router. I have a much better felling about Duo. Use the router, skip the usb, and save yourselves all the usb interface headaces.

Also, if you want to be tied to your PC, Google Voice has free calling to US & Canada for the remainder of 2010, and possibly into 2011. I've used it quite a bit this past week and it is remarkable clear. My family says it sounds better than my cell (Verizion & LG Dare) when I use a headset (see below).

If you want a very good headset, go to Target and get the GE Voice over Internet All-In-One Foldable Headset – Behind the neck design. Part # 95432. Its' $25 off the shelf. The mic boom is a nice metallic bendable material like a goose neck lamp. The mic boom also unplugs from the left earpiece so that you can plug it into the mic plug (round mini plug) on your PC/laptop. It also comes with two adapter cables. One to split the single plug into separate mic & speaker plugs, and another to convert to a smaller plug – a nice touch.

Product or Service Mentioned: Magicjack Voip Service.

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This review is for the original, older version of MagicJack, and should no longer be considered valid. See photos.

Newer versions of MJ have been released, including a WiFi version. Search for reviews/comments on the newer versions.

Huntsville, Alabama, United States #1202880

I have used MJ for years without a single problem. I have made calls from my PC with wireless router but mostly I leave it plugged into a wall plug and then to the router.

Love MJ.


Update 10/4/2015.

Google Hangeouts now has a free add-in 'Hangeouts Dialer'. Using this allows you to make and receive calls using Hangouts on your Android phone/Tablet.

GroveIP or other services not needed.


Google Voice Update:

Google Voice is still an excellent alternative for initiating free calling in the US. I still use it occasionally.

If you have an android phone, you can use the GrooveIP android app.

It works excellent, and allows you to make and RECEIVE GoggleVoice calls! It does this by logging into your GoogleVoice account making the android phone look like a pc, and therefore able to receive calls as well as make them.



My original NetTalk still continues to work flawlessly, and recently renewed my NetTalk for 2 years for $60. I'm impressed.

It's a very durable device.

I've used it to call all over the US, and overseas.

Haven't had a chance yet to travel with it.

Interesting that I've seen at least 2 similar products being advertises on cable - but at something around $9.99 a month!

Luoyang, Henan, China #234625

Well, yes I suppose, if changing my Ip configuration from dynamic to static, and, opening up a ton of ports of a double firewall, AND, forwarding those ports to the computer I would be using MJ on. Oh, whait, then chanmging the router port forwarding rules to whatever computer/laptop the MJ happends to be plugged into.

Oh, yes I forgot to mention, all this really makes MJ a very portable device. So easy to use when traveling. I think we both agree that any hotel would be more than happy to reconfigure their network to statify a possible MJ user. And not to mention, airports, and hot spots.

In short, I thank you for your well written comment about my mental capability. It's a testimony to your education and well rounded vocabulary. (Good Boy - you used big words this time).

Actually, when I was a young boy around 8, I was medically classified as mentally retarded! No lie! It was the fault of the school system and the doctors. But the damage was done. It took me until my early adulthood to overcome all that damage. So, gee, thanks for bringing all that up. You wouldn't be Jack, would you? Mr. Magic Jack?

For ecverone else, an update. NetTalk Duo still continues to work falwlessly. And no pc required.


IF changing a few simple settings to save that much money is too hard then you are probably retarded.

Luoyang, Henan, China #215577

Update on the USB driver...

Works great. Tested on my desktop and laptop. Connected my laptop to a few different networks and it worked on each network.

Note: On both the desktop & laptop I ran into the issue that the Duo was not recognized. However, NetTalk has an excellent document on how to fix it. It was no problem.

Also, my Desktop usb ports (Back and front) were underpowered for the Duo. I had a spare 5 port USB card that I installed that took care of that issue.

Luoyang, Henan, China #213925

Here's my update on NetTalk Duo...

Plugged into my Linksys WRT54G router and it worked first time, every time. Wow, I'm impressed.

I gave the port # the Duo is plugged into the higher QOS.

I have reset the router and powered off/on the duo Seperatly, and the duo connects to the servers and rings the phone every time. I'll have to install the USB drivers to see if that works also.


Yeah I've had similar problems with mine most of the time even if I call a land line sounds like other person is on cell phone and its braking up or sounds like your talking under water or they cant hear me for the longest time the only number I couldn't call on it was my parents house not sure its worth the 19.99 a year and watch out cause every time you either restart your pc or turn it off make sure you restart MJ when it pc loads back up or you wont receive calls.

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